Community Connections


         "This is great initiative and very much needed"

               -Dr Waqar Azeem Muhammad Waqar Azeem, MD, DFAACAP, DFAPA Chair, Department of Psychiatry Professor of Psychiatry Weill Cornell Medical College


        "Incredibly professional - very well organized, friendly, approachable staff, prepared experts as speakers, incredibly beneficial to attend their workshops — I learn a lot and gain valuable resources every session I have attended!"

        -Amanda Jane Foss


      “It was a very nice and informative session. Loved Dr Ahsan’s 10 mins per child advice” -Rafia Saleem



      “Thank you Kausar and Mariam for organizing a wonderful event! Was SO informative and I’m so glad I came!!”

       -Sana Fawad Afzal



       “Dear Mariam and Kausar As promised, I attach my slides from last Wednesday’s presentation. Thank you again for inviting me to speak. I am so impressed by the work you are doing with the Community Connect initiative and very pleased to be able to support you

      -Best regards Stuart V. Leeming Executive Director, QF Schools PUE ED School Office”


        “Dear Kausar and Mariam, The event was very impressive and I am happy to support whatever you two lovely ladies have in mind.  I have attached the resource list I shared yesterday. Thanks again for everything!

      -With kindest regards, Cynthia Bolton, M. Ed, Gifted Education Gifted Coordinator Qatar Foundation Schools”


    “What an amazing wonderful talk ... big thank you to the speakers .... thanks Mariam & Kausar for organizing this!"

      -Haritha G.


       “Very informative! Well done!” – Samira Sidani


      “Community Connect gives people space and a forum in which to reflect upon many of the problems which can affect modern family life. Through mutual support and practical advice, CC is encouraging people to work at developing their family life in a really positive direction.”-Fiona Forsyth "In a very short time, Community Connect Doha has become that rare community initiative that endeavors to regularly educate and hold interactive dialogues on a variety of life issues that often go ignored by the greater majority—but are of such vital importance. Its determined founders, Mariam and Kausar, bring in the top experts in the field to cut straight into the heart of important social issues, such as proactively dealing with depression, grief, a child with autism, and a host of other subjects, leaving the community attendees better informed, better equipped, and with more understanding that life is more than just about a single ‘normal’ trajectory… and that we can handle it!"- Sabika Shaban






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Community Connections